Hiccups and Pickles

I always thought it was funny when people called problems hiccups or pickles. It seemed so old school and like simplifying a problem or ignoring, maybe down playing some kind of situation that needed to be dealt with. 

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a problem with my medical insurance not covering my child from the time of placement, coverage would only begin after the adoption was finalized in the U.S.  Being self employed my individual medical isn’t like that offered by a group so it isn’t federally regulated and can do whatever and say whatever it wants regarding adoptive child coverage. Because my adoption timeline, the one in my head, was in big trouble and this was a real problem I went a little crazy on the phone and over e- mails and my mind was immediately filled with negativity and chaos. I then worked it out, so I thought and all was good, so I thought.

Today I found out that all was not good and again I need to find a new provider and do it fast!  Though I spent hours on the phone and the computer filling out applications and reading manuals  I surprised myself by keeping calm and avoiding the negative stuff.

Then the plans for my big adoption garage sale fundraiser got all messed up and who knows what’s going on and the sale is Saturday!!! Again stayed so much cooler than I would have a month or two ago.

Today my troubles felt more like hiccups and pickles than the serious disasters I could have turned them into.  They felt doable and fixable and I wonder if those funny people were not funny but insanely patient and wise. I may be gaining some perspective here and understanding that the idea of “my timeline” is ridiculous, it’s HIS! I feel relieved to have learned just a little more patients and to have grown just a little more in my faith.

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