Hey Amber, What’s an orphan?

I thought that after working with kids for as long as I have and in the different ways that I have I’d be used to them doing and saying just about anything. Well they still surprise me daily! The questions intimidate me and their ideas and imagination challenge me.They have a way of keeping it real when you’re talking about the tough stuff. I love how honest and heartfelt they are and I am amazed and entertained by their curiosity. They definitely don’t beat around any bushes.

When I taught preschool in Boston the topic of adoption was so much easier. It was preschool so all the kids in class were the same age and there were plenty of adopted kids in the school. My daycare kids range in age from 6 weeks to 12 years old and there are no adopted kiddos in this crowd. So I have just been trying to talk about adoption a little each day so that they aren’t overwhelmed or completely lost on the idea when the time finally comes.

I’ve been keeping a list of all of their questions and comments about adoption and wanted to share them with you!!  

  • What’s an orphan
  • What orphanage did I come from
  • How is she gonna fit into your belly
  • Will you love her
  • Are you going to throw her toys in the closet if she won’t clean them up
  • Are all orphans black
  • Does her hair stick up
  • When will I speak french
  • Is my mommy gonna give me away
  • Does my mommy know how to take care of me
  • How are you gonna get there
  • Who’s going to teach you how to change diapers
  • Can I talk to her
  • If she’s hungry right now maybe you could get her now because we have stuff in the fridge
  • Today my mommy and me are gonna help you bring your baby here
  •  I made you some plants this weekend for your sale
  • We;re going to teach your new baby how to play candy land too
  • I think you can be a good mommy, maybe better like my mommy
  • If you get some more moon sand she’ll really like you
  • Can we still come to day care when you get her
  • Is she gonna come to day care
  • I hope nobody bites her, that hurts

I’m still trying to navigate through this topic of endless landmines and potential chaos and confusion but it’s getting easier. I’m just trying to remember that even when I don’t have the right words or the things i do say need to be rephrased AGAIN to fit the age group, it’s really not that big a deal. They’re kids, if they don’t understand, they’ll tell me and if they have a question, they’ll ask me.

I’ll just keep talking and they’ll just keep being kids.

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2 Responses to Hey Amber, What’s an orphan?

  1. justina says:

    I love this amber! Thank you for sharing this with us! It makes me feel not quite so far away when I can know whats going on in your life! I miss you! See you soon!

    p.s. my favorite comment….when am I gonna learn French!! Haha. I bet you laugh a lot every day! Love you.

  2. agodden1 says:

    TINA, so glad you checked this out! I do laugh a lot everyday! See you in a couple weeks.

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