The Sale

I asked and DANG, you delivered!!!                                                         


Your donations filled the community center and they leaked out into the yard. We had so much stuff we couldn’t put some of it out until other things were sold.  When we left there was still 6 vehicles and a trailer full of stuff left. WOW!

I wish I would have thought to take more pictures of everyone who came by and helped out but of course I didn’t. I am terrible with a camera!! But here are just a couple of the amazing people who helped make this thing happen.

The sales and donations from shoppers totaled 2107!!! Yay!!!  There were a few T-shirts sold as well but that total isn’t included.

THANK YOU again to those beautiful people in my life that put so much work into this. You guys mean so much and you sure know how to make a girl cry over and over and over and over again : )

Thank you Mom, Wanda, Val, Grandma, Dad, Steve, other Steve, Krista, Brad, Kelly, Katie, Justine, Michelle, Dawny, Kathy, Jen, Kris, Becca, Moni, Joe, and Raydean for helping to set up and take down and set out and mark and haul and load before, during and after the sale. Thank you Mom, Dad, Ev, Deacon, Missy, Kathy, Katie, Jamie, Becky, Krista, Kris, Carol, John, Vicki, Mataya, Rosalyn, Sarah, other Sarah, Connie, Sharon, Kim, Justine, Michelle, Dawn, Mike, Val, Kelly, Grandma, Wanda, Sam, Andrew, Tara, Rachel, Joe, Amy and Will for donating to the sale and dropping things off. Without you people I’d have never been able to do it. Thank you to all those friends that shopped and told their friends to come shop!!! I am so grateful! I know how lucky I am to have you!!!! Thank you

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