The slooooow doooown

In my 20’s, especially the early ones, I loved excess! I thought there could never be too many cigarettes, cocktails, good-looking men, sides of bacon with my grilled cheese at 3a, pairs of shoes in my closet, friends to go out with, vacations, bags to match outfits, hats to match mittens or loud music to dance to. I also did work and go to school full-time so sleeping was about the only thing I wasn’t doing in excess.

I met my favorite bartender at my favorite neighborhood bar when I was 24. It was a run down old place with a rancid odor that was a mix between urion and feet, hmmm, that doesn’t really do it justice I guess. Urion, feet, cheap perfume, cigarette smoke, and occasionally skunk. Surprisingly, even with the horrid stink tons of people went there. The bands and karaoke were stellar, the drinks were strong and the crowd was always entertaining. The bartender used to give people the “slow down” when they’d had too much, something I hated and even though I was assured this sort of thing didn’t happen to me, I’m sure it happened regularly. I loved the strong drinks and the effects they had on my dance moves but I couldn’t help but wonder to avoid the slow down why not just serve drinks with the “normal” amount of alcohol? Or at least equal parts?

Now I”m 31 and the only thing I do in excess is work, work, work, work, work, all for a fabulous reason of course, I’d like to bring my little girl home from DRC without going into debt. I’d also like to have a little saved so that once we’re home we can just hide away for a while. I want to start the bonding and learn everything there is to know about her without having to worry about hurrying back to work and overwhelming her with the chaos that is day care.

I feel like I’ve been slamming them one right after the other for too long though and it’s time for the slow down. I am not ready to be done working so much yet, I’ve still got a whole lot of party left til closing time but I am so tired and all out of patience.

I’ve had a few ideas for my slow down since I sat down to write this and I think I’ll try them all. Then for my next round, because I’m not gonna work the “normal” amount, I will at least try for equal parts.

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