Happy Mother’s Day!

As I was sitting out on my deck last night with a good friend I had myself a little pity party. I whined about how hard working 120 hours a week was and how hard weight watchers was and how hard it was to be newly single after 4+ years and how hard not smoking was. I was just stressed and tired and truthfully (I know you’re all thinking it) acting like a blasted baby.

I then took her into my one true guilty pleasure left in this life, the room. It’s probably my favorite place, It’s not finished of course because I haven’t even seen a picture of her but there is stuff. There are bunk beds, there are books, games, clothes, toys, and furniture.Things I started to collect when I started the process to foster/adopt.  When I go in there I feel like it’s all the slow down and regroup I need. I instantly forget how hard all of this is and how crazy my life has been lately. It all falls away because sometime in the next year there will be this little person in that room. She’ll be sleeping in that bed and wearing those clothes and we’ll be reading those stories! Simply amazing!!

As I sat there after my friend left I said a little prayer asking God to please send me into this room regularly and to please keep the sanity of all those other families adopting and sharing my shoes. I prayed for all the mothers out there however they came to be because the sacrifice and hard work you do can be overwhelming and you moms deserve a break, a room, a slow down, a place to just sit still for a minute. I hope you’ve all found that not just today but everyday.

I also thanked God for my mom, she is incredible! She inspires her friends and family just by how she lives, she challenges me to forgive, to not sweat the small stuff and to be grateful, always. She also has the kind of laugh that can make someone forget their world is falling apart and she gives the kind of love that is never-ending. I am truly blessed to have her.

I am hoping that I’ll be the kind of mother to my child my mother was to my sisters and I. It’s overwhelming how much I love this little lady already, more than free time with friends or smoking or an extra slice of garlic bread ; )

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