Happy Referral Day!!!!!!!!!

Saturday was not your typical referral day. In fact, I haven’t even made it to the official  waiting list for a referral yet. I was looking at it being another 6-12 months before even seeing her face.  

 I was looking at rainbowkids.com on Sat morning, a  photolisting of waiting children, I like to keep an eye on waiting kids sites, you know, just in case.

Anyway I came across this adorable 2-year-old Congo princess and e-mailed about her. I got a reply right away saying that she was matched with a family already but the agency contact, S, said she  wanted to send me a picture she’d just gotten of a little girl around 4 years old. I wasn’t really feeling it, she was older than I had hoped, I was thinking 2-3 but I opened that e-mail anyway. What happened in my heart those first few seconds of staring at her changed me. I looked into her big beautiful sad eyes and at her skin and bones little frame and the longer I stared the more committed I felt to loving her and the more she started to look like MY CHILD! I wanted to reach through my computer screen and yank her out. I wanted to tell her that I was on my way. I wanted to start calling people up and yelling I’m a mommy. I couldn’t get myself to shut my e-mail, I just stared at her through my tears until my leg fell asleep. I wish I could share her name or her sweet face with you but I am not permitted to post that information on the internet.

I still cannot believe that after 3 years of this and losing 3 babies and going through 3 agencies and all the hoping and dreaming and paper and money and work and praying that I finally get to see her face, I am looking at her right now, so incredible.

Again friends I need your help, I need your love, support, and encouraging words!  In the next 30 days I have to get a ton of paper together while working 24/7 and come up with 15,000 dollars. Of course I don’t care about any of that and I am happy and excited to do it, just asking please have patients for my scatter brain, thanks! Please also pray for my little girl because her world is about to get rocked and she could really use it.

Just one more time because it sounds so good, Happy Referral Day to me!

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