Each month my day care kids and I try to do some kind of kindness project, just some little things like baking for neighbors or sending cards to the older folks in the community, we’ve trick or treated at nursing homes and sang for residents, sometimes we’ve done toys for tots or salvation army drives, we’ve raked yards and cleaned up garbage, we’re just learning how to take better care of our friends and our earth.

When we talk about kids not having enough food or water or a family it’s upsetting to them but usually toys hit home the hardest. They cannot imagine a toyless existence. Sometimes I get bummed that they’re so stuck on the toys but I guess we all have our priorities. I want them to understand though that doing little things make BIG impacts on other people and the earth. I want them to know that just 1 person can make a difference.

We are talking about hunger right now, not as a unit or anything but adoption has started the conversation for them and it’s just kept going. It is awesome to have their attention on this finally! In the beginning most of our talks were just questions like why couldn’t their mom buy more food or why not go to a restaurant if there is no food in the house, they also suggested that kids go to the store themself if they are so hungry. slowly they have been starting to understand more and ask things like how can we help or why can’t their neighbor give them some extra pizza or candy and Amber I have more cereal at my house that no one even likes so can I give it to a hungry friend? This is why I love my job because again they have simplified it all and gotten straight to the point, why are people starving? Children are starving!!!! It’s incredible that these preschoolers (that pick their nose and eat it, rub mud in their hair, lick furniture and rocks and poop in their pants and put their hand in it) could probably solve the issue of hunger in a minute if we put them in charge.They made it seem so ridiculous that this should ever even be a problem.

1 in 5 kids in the US don’t get enough food to eat, that’s like 12.6 million kids and that’s not even considering the entire rest of the world. The other night I prayed that tomorrow less kids would go to bed hungry and then in the morning I did a little something to try to help with that. I am letting these kids be a part of this because they have decided it matters to them.

I hope that if you haven’t had a chance to get real about anything lately, if your friends always tell you what you wanna hear and how fabulous you are, that you get to hang around a kid soon. Borrow one if you don’t have one of your own becuase obviously they are never too young to teach a few lessons on taking better care of our friends and our earth.

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