A mixed bag

Yesterday I went and got my shots, polio booster, typhoid, tetanus, and yellow fever! Nana came and got hers as well. She had to get one more because she didn’t do her hep A yet. So exciting because it means things are moving along!

I found out right after the shots that Little H has malaria, I mean of course she does right? I realize that with meds this is treatable and that it’s so common but I don’t want her to have malaria. I want her to be home, here with me and all the other people who already love her so much. Here where a bug bite means calamine lotion and a band-aid not a drug cocktail and sometimes death.

Then when I got home from work last night my homestudy, the actual  finished corrected and correct one was in my mailbox waiting for me! FINALLY!!!!

I woke up this morning to find an e-mail with her attorney’s name and address on it so I could finally send out the power of attorney.

This has honestly been one of the most emotional and spiritual things I have ever done. I feel like I am always praying, crying, jumping for joy or feeling guilty.

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