Happy Father’s Day

My parents worked really hard to give my sisters and I a good life. We had a stellar childhood full of toys and friends and fun and family times and the best birthday parties on the block, my mom was creative and my dad could build something amazing out of a heap of junk. We had the coolest bedroom, it was an entire attic with a barbie section and baby dolls and furniture our size my dad made for us. We didn’t have the new and trendy things but we had the coolest. We didn’t even know we were poor until we weren’t. We moved when I was 11 and I remember sitting in my new closet with my best friend at the time, Jenny, we were looking around my room and I thought to myself wow, we were poor before! I asked my parents after that realization if we did indeed have more money than before and they responded “you don’t”.

Until we moved we’d sometimes see my dad more and sometimes my mom, it just depended on who had the craziest hours and most jobs.  There was a period of time, maybe 2 years, where we saw my dad more than mom. He used to make breakfast, fix hair, pack lunches, vacuum, do laundry, fix the car, the pipes, do homework, play barbies, cut the grass, drink beer and come to tea parties, he used to tickle and wrestle and read and cuddle. He was only 26, he had a home, a wife, little girls, a dog, projects, his job, and he did EVERYTHING. He did all these things without complaint and without hesitation.

I thought all parents were like mine, I didn’t realize what a rarity it was to have a dad who could braid hair, build a swing set, bake cookies, and wire a garage in the same afternoon. How did I get so lucky.

I cannot wait for Little H to meet him. I know she’ll have just as many wonderful things to say about him as I do and make her own beautiful memories with him.

Happy Father’ s Day

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