Chasing down Fed Ex

At no other times in my life have I run faster than when I chase Fed Ex trucks. I am waiting on my Power of Attorney to get back from the Dept of State all signed and sealed and ready to be delivered to the Congolese Embassy and I missed the Fed Ex guy today. I have been in this situation before and I have been known to do some running, waving and screaming and jumping. I was in the middle of talking to a daycare parent and I just took off running after this thing. She was probably thinking I’d really gone crazy, the kids were screaming catch it Amber, catch it!

Once when I lived in Boston I took a picture of my cupboard with only a couple bags of ramen and my fridge with an orange soda and sent it home. My dear sweet parents sent me some cereal and bread and I missed the delivery every night for a week. Then one night my roommate and I were walking down our street and saw the truck pulling up to our house.  My roommate and I took off after that truck faster than I’d ever run! That delivery man got out of his truck and watched us run the rest of the two blocks toward him screaming and waving. He had my Blueberry Morning and apple bread ready for me to sign for before I reached him.

Anyway I guess the point of this post is just to say that if more people would send me stuff Fed Ex or UPS I wouldn’t need weight watchers.  And I am still waiting for the Power of Attorney.

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2 Responses to Chasing down Fed Ex

  1. Amy Lebeck says:

    You’re hilarious!

  2. Jenny says:

    This was soo funny! Hoping the truck is slower for you next time!! 🙂 When I miss deliveries, I don’t even see the truck.

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