This Power of Attorney is a HUGE pain in the butt. I FINALLY got it back from the State Dept and it is FINALLY in route to the embassy to have whatever $250 buys done to it. Now I am ALMOST ready to send in my dossier.

So just a friendly adoption tip for you folks using an agency that does not provide dossier prep services, switch to one that does : ) Use the assistant stork service!! I would have, had I known about it Super awesome service that cuts down on the cost and the time it takes to send the POA to all the places it needs to go. My POA has cost me $520 with all the fed ex fees and authentication fees, using the stork it would have cost $320 also it would have only taken about 10 days instead of 30!!!!!!

I also FINALLY got my fingerprint notice and my notice of USCIS processing, ALMOST ready. This dossier feels like a ticking time bomb in my hand, I want it gone, I want it in Congo, in a court, getting this thing done. I want to send Little H things and allow myself to really feel this. Right now it feels like I have to hold back, like I cannot be as excited as I want to be. I let myself play pretend in my head all the time but then I eventually squash those thoughts down and go through the 3 million things that could still go so wrong. I am so excited for the day I can FINALLY just let those things go, ALMOST.

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