I wired what I thought was my last big chunk of money to my agency today 6500. I still have a 3000 and a 5000 to go but this 6500 and the last payment which was 7500 were the two big ones. I left the bank thinking wow, almost there and then I got an e-mail saying that I still owe 1,175 before my dossier leaves for Congo (so by tomorrow). I am leaving work now in search of a money tree!  I am feeling frustrated with some agency things and frustrated with some work things. I am still thinking wow, almost there but wow totally gonna have to sell a kidney.

On another note, I don’t know how to post a link or I would have, check out Nothing Left to Paint and read the challenge from yesterday. It’s a good blog, written by good people who just brought their little girl home from Congo in May.

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