Foster Care

Today I got a call from my foster care agency with a placement, a 17 year old autistic boy. He needed to come into some loving arms ASAP because he was in the the ER with bite marks all over him. WHAT! UNREAL!!!! I had to say no because my dossier is on it’s way to Congo and I’d have to redo my entire homestudy and also have all kinds of things redone to be able to take him. Breaks my heart but I know the agency has some stellar families who are open to special needs placements.

I am also heart broken this precious boy has been the victim of abuse by his care givers! I get sick with rage about people who harm children and even more when the adult is a paid care giver! I used to work in a group home and I have family members and daycare kiddos with developmental disabilities and I’d be wearing orange if someone ever bit them.

The world needs some more good foster care parents so if you have ever thought about it, ever told yourself that you’d do it later then hear this please, these kids don’t have a later. Now is the time they need you the most, now is the time to move on this.

Some people say that they’re afraid of getting hurt and yes sometimes saying yes means that you’ll have to be the one with the broken heart if they go back to bio mom and dad or if they get placed with someone else. But, you’re the grown up, you’re the one with resources, take that on for them. Let their little hearts and lives heal even if it means yours gets broken! All kids deserve to be loved and to be cherished and to be kids. No worries just lovin’ livin’ and having fun, we’re suppose to do the hard stuff for them. We work to feed them and house them and we take care of them when we’re sick and tired of taking care of them. We’re suppose to hurt so they don’t have to. Isn’t your heartache worth it if you’re giving a kiddo the experience of being loved, so truly and unconditionally? I think so!!

If you have the desire to foster a child please don’t wait for a better time, now is the time. Call your county foster care licensing dept or a private foster care agency near you and get lovin’ on a kid who needs some lovin’ on!!!!

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