Just plain cuteness

So I just asked the littles what they’d like to do today and here is what the sweethearts said

  • Paint
  • Go outside
  • Eat some candy
  • Go somewhere
  • Clean the earth
  • Brush Amber’s hair

Then I asked them what they would like to learn today and they responded

  • To paint
  • To run really fast
  • To pick up all the garbage at the park, except nasty smokes, yuck!! (I will never understand why people smoke at a park and then even worse, just throw their butt on the ground, ish!)
  • To build spaceships
  • To build paper airplanes

So we are off to build spaceships and get a sugar high #soinlovewithmyjob

O and my mama just dropped off some super sweet Lingala flash cards so I’ll be able to learn some words before meeting Little H!

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