I haven’t written much lately because as far as adoption goes there hasn’t been much to write. I am still waiting to pass court, waiting to find out her birthday, waiting, waiting and more waiting.

I just had three awesome weekends off in a row and now that it’s Thursday I am so wishing for just 1 more!! It’s been since Jan since I’ve had an entire weekend off let alone 3 in a row. Also my last weekend was a 4 day weekend. Stellar!!! Just the amazing rest and relaxation I needed.

The first weekend was my friend Justina’s wedding, I danced, ate, camped and saw people I love and hardly ever get to see! What a beautiful couple these two make. Justina and her husband Nathan are crazy and madly in love. It was so awesome to watch!

Then the next weekend was a camp reunion at YMCA Camp Miller!!!!! I worked there at the end of high school/beginning of college. They were some of the most glorious summers I’ve ever had. The reunion weekend I spent time with a ton of incredible people I used to work with while I was a camp staff., I spent time doing archery, arts and crafts, canoeing, hiking, reading, drinking, eating some more, singing by the camp fire and just hanging out. It was magical, it’s a place I love so much and now 1 of my sweetest friends is the director (I should visit more that just 4x in 10 years).

The Wed before my 4 day weekend I took the kiddos to my parents farm so it didn’t feel like work. They got to play, see sheep, goats, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, they got to swim and swim and swim some more. We hiked and playing with dirt and in sky chairs, we picked berries and they hosted a wedding I was invited to at the last-minute(they totally would have skipped over me). After work I hung out with my favorite x boyfriend (no really, he is a joy). We chatted and caught up on everything we’ve been missing since the break up, he truly still is my best friend. Thursday I hung out with my mom. We went to get me a new cell phone because my blackberry wasn’t going to make it another 10 minutes. I was just so grateful that my contract was up and I was eligible for the upgrade. My friend Andrew sent me with very specific instructions and so I went in there looking and acting like I knew what i was doing.

I enter store, looking scared and defeated already, head moving from side to side to try to examine displays of cell phones without sales clerk harassment. She spots me and starts her way over, panic takes over my insides as I try to remember the directions.

Me-I am here for one of those Samsung 4 epic g 2 galaxy droid deals

Sales lady-(just silent and staring at me for a minute) I think I know what you mean

Me-I also need a box

Sales lady-(silent again, waiting for clarification)

Me-like a case box, maybe a cover

Sales lady-oh, an otter box, sure, follow me

The rest of our interaction was similar. The Samsung 4G thingy is very fancy and because it has taken me two years to learn my blackberry I don’t expect to understand much about this thing for at least a year. I didn’t even figure out how to answer it until about 12 hours after having it (since last week my day care kids have taught me how to find media, buy and share media, use the video camera and text to talk). That evening there were neighborhood fireworks and some friends stopped for quality deck time. Friday I went kayaking with Rachel and Sarah. We all met working at a group home years and years ago, they are some of my favs forsure. The highlight of the trip was not the beautiful scenery or the peaceful paddling, it wasn’t the quality time spent with friends, it was when Rachel dropped her iphone into the outhouse toilet. Yep, the phone made it through getting in and out of the kayak, rapids, and whatever else and then when we were getting ready to leave it fell out of her pants pocket into the most disgusting black hole EVER. She did much better than I would have, although I did offer to reach in and pull it out with a wal greens bag (tried to upload funny text conversation).

Friday evening I went to my friend Amy’s for the rest of the weekend. She only lives about 2 hours away but we only see each other about 2x a year so it was nice to have the weekend. We took her kids to a festival, we had margaritas,  we watched girly movies, got to catch up. It was nice and relaxing, I even slept until 8 15 one morning. Her daughter is 8 and wanted to give Little H a bunch of her old clothes, so sweet of her (tried to upload pic).

Throughout the past three weeks I have also had lots of friends in town for different reasons and haven’t been working a lot of evenings so I have had a lot of company. I love love love that I got my 3 week-long summer. I feel so good and so ready to work my butt off again.

I am so blessed, I truly do have an incredible amount of wonderful in my life. The best part about all the wonderful is that soon I’ll get to share it with a sweet child, my sweet child. I plan on covering her life in wonderful as well and because what’s mine will be hers it shouldn’t be a problem.




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