So…The Jesus Journey

I grew up classic Minnesotan, liberal, white and Lutheran, I owned flannels and mary janes. I went to church religiously : ) I was there with my mom and sister every week, in the front row dressed in Sunday’s best. As I got older I was confirmed and attended youth group and conventions and concerts and helped organize community projects and served on youth boards and taught Sunday School. For those 3 hours on Sundays and 3 hours on Mondays I gave it all to God, I thought about Him (when I wasn’t busy socializing with the cute boys and planning what to do after church with my church girlfriends). When I wasn’t at church I just lived life, still praying and trying to put more good into the world than take out but, I wasn’t living my life for Him. As highschool ended and college began I stopped going to church.

Growing up my church was an awesome community, just another place full of people lovin’ on each other and supporting each other and laughing and growing together, I want that for my child. I learned a lot about myself and about who I want to be as a member of that church. I loved youth group and the friendships and babysitting jobs that cam from that. I want that for my child, I want to give her just one more place to go that is full of people who care about her and want good things for her life.

A couple of years ago I started out on my search for church. I knew I needed a congregation that was active, one that participated in service and mission projects. I wanted a church that happened outside the building, where people were getting down and dirty to live like Jesus. I needed a place that welcomed everyone all the time.

People have been surprised by my talking about Jesus  a lot more lately and have asked a lot of questions about it. I tell them I am on a Jesus journey and some ask “why is it Jesus you always talk about, why not God and why not church or religion in general’? Here is my answer, I am down with God, when I pray I pray to God, when I give thanks I give thanks to God but, I am on a journey to live like Jesus. He was pretty spectacular. No matter what you believe about God or religion or even if you believe Jesus to be a fictional character, he’s still one awesome dude. People idolize Jacob or Edward  or Katniss and I feel that way about Jesus. I don’t have my church figured out completely, not even certain organized religion has much to do with being a good Christian, I know some loudly professing Christians that aren’t very good people. Pretty sure striving to live like Jesus is my religion and it’s not too organized, I want to give until it hurts, I want to help give people hope, I want to help hearts heal, I want to love the weak, the poor, the criminal, the sick, I want to fight for people who need someone to fight for them, I want to help people find something to believe in.  I love that guy, I love his service and his story and his sacrifice, I love that his life and death gave and still give people hope and joy and mercy. I don’t want to just talk the God talk, I want to walk the Jesus walk.

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3 Responses to So…The Jesus Journey

  1. East Coast Melissa says:

    After having Lola, I started to think a lot about what a meaningful life looks like and how best to model that for my daughter. I knew I needed a spiritual community to help me with that enormous task. I found that in Unitarian Universalism. There’s a UU congregation in Duluth: I recommend that you read some of the sermons and go to at least 3 services before you decide if it’s for you. And if there’s more than one congregation in your area, explore others. Each congregation has a different flavor.

  2. Deena says:

    Oh amber you are amazing…you inspire me more with every post.

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