Things that cost $2

There are plenty of things to do with two dollars, you could…

treat yourself to the dollar menu, or you could  rent yourself some sweet shoes for a few hours but, you would have to stay in the bowling alley while you wore them. You could  get yourself some candy, you could buy yourself some glue, maybe even 2 or 3 if it’s back to school sale time. You can stop by the good ol’ Click to show "Dollar Tree Stores" result 2 where your $2 will buy you any item of your choice and you’ll have change. There are a few more things you could do for $2, $1 beer,  gum ball  machine, redbox, or you could take that $2 and donate it to helping a little one home. An orphanage is no place for a child and the children in Congo are in great need of families and food and medicine and peace and love, Click to show "pictures of congolese orphans" result 18 Click to show "pictures of congolese orphans" result 27Click to show "pictures of congo orphans" result 17 these kids need us. Thank you for sharing your $2 with me and for sharing the link with your fb friends.

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