Sleepless in MN

I had a terrible time sleeping last night, was feeling all stupid and naive about trying to fundraise this past weekend. I am not a fundraiser, I am not good at it and it makes me a little crazy for a lot of reasons. I was also feeling embarrassed about not being able to make it work, it seemed so easy on paper and in my heart. As I was laying restless in my yucky self loathing I remembered something. Things don’t go according to my plan, they still go, and things still seem to work out how they should but, plans most often times mean nothing.

I wasn’t going to write anything about my being sad about this little dude. I felt like showing my disappointment meant I was ungrateful, or at least that you would see it that way. But clearly I am not. Throughout this crazy adoption process I have been moved to tears time and time again by how amazing and supportive you’ve been. I have been supported financially but, most importantly emotionally as well.

I am sad but, I am reminded that there are 200+ people reading this blog daily and Little H and I have cheerleaders! That little lady has got her own fan club already and so many of you haven’t even laid eyes on that sweet face yet. You have blown me away! Maybe this little guy wasn’t meant to be my family but, I am praying like mad, I am in his fan club!!! I hope that his family finds him soon. I am praying like mad all of their families find them soon!

So…the point (though it may seem that there is none) is this, sometimes adoption (life)  is hard and you’re all crazy amazing, good-hearted peeps and there are 147 million kiddos out there waiting for cheerleaders, just do it! Get crazy and broke and stupid and embarrassed and fight for them. When things stick, when plans work, even when they don’t it’s worth the fight! I got your back, God’s got your back and so do a lot of other people you never expected.  For you families in the HS process or that have completed your HS, don’t forget about the website. There are wee ones waiting for you there.

Have a stellar Monday people, I know I am going to rally on and just get excited about how the money donated will bring some amazing and very needed supplies to some sweet littles in DRC. Thanks again

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