Facebook and poopy pants

So, in an attempt to not waste so much of my precious time I gave up facebook for a month (except for the fb fund-raising attempt) and I have been pretty good. I didn’t expect it to be harder than quitting the smoking. There are just as many odd food cravings and sleepless nights, just as much crankiness and sweat. I am going through DT’s. I feel like seeing that blue bar across the top of my screen and being able to read about how many loads of laundry some people are doing will make me all better. I want to know if you got an oil change then visited your grandma and that your dad is your unsung hero. Oh, facebook how I miss you. Have people forgotten I exist, have they mourned me, missed me, has anyone noticed? Can I call them, can I look up my 350 fb friends names and numbers and call them to beg for details about their political views and religious standings this week? I keep having this vision of that girl sitting at her computer on the Volvo commercial talking about her parents having 19 friends now. It cuts to them out at the drive in with a bunch of friends laughing and hanging out and she sits behind her computer saying “I have 616 friends, now this is living”. I want to be her parents, the ones with 19 fb friends that they are probably hanging out with regularly.  instead of just reading about the dirty laundry of 350 people they don’t see anywhere but their computer. I miss seeing pictures of your cousin’s sister’s friend’s dog who looks like a mouse/cow. Ugh facebook how I love and hate you!!!!!

I have also taken my hatred for poop pants to a whole other leverl. I want to throw up, ignore, ask the other kids to do it, pay someone specifically to come in just for poop duty! I loathe pooping in the pants, I think we should potty train babies or find a way for me to stop doing diapers. I have changed mass amounts of poop pants, these are my grown up jobs, in addition to babysitting for friends and family, YMCA daycare assistant, YMCA camp counselor, YMCA camp nurse, group home lead staff, preschool teacher, child care provider! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! So much poop!!! Speaking of poop, I smell some now!

Happy Wednesday people, hope it’s stellar and as poop free and facebook full as your life allows.


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