I love Fridays

Even though I don’t get weekends off I still love Fridays, everyone else is in a better mood, people are kinder and funnier and faster to pick up their kiddos and they pay me. It’s just marvelous and today is even more spectacular because I called USCIS this morning, the waiting was killing me, and the lovely lovely lady on the phone told me that I was “a go” and I should be receiving my approval letter anytime now. Yay!!!!

Then tonight is the famous, super awesome, really rad, amazing, incredible, exclusive, sweet annual “big kid party”. This party is THE party of the year people, if you are enrolled at the dragonfly childcare center and you are 5+ you can get into the wildest pajama party in town. The buzz on the street is that the guest list this year is only 13 kids long so…more candy for them. I am also excited about the party, not because it’s fun for me, major headache : ) but, because its super fun for them and I love watching that sort of thing. They love going out for pizza in their pajamas and staying up late, making sundaes, dance contest and playing games, all of it is a riot. They also love hanging out at daycare with no babies. Woot woot!

What a good day it has been and will be. Laughing and playing littles (who are too old to poop the pants) and another step closer to mine. I cannot wait to laugh and play with her. And just a quick random note, I think she has her ears pierced, there are what look to be holes in her lobes. I wish I could zoom more on the pics of her to be totally sure.

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