tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Time is dragging on and on and on, I can’t take it!!!!!! This is seriously the most insane and intense wait of my life. Everyday I check my e-mail about 311,000 times and then I check my other e-mail about 57,000 times (though my adoption agency doesn’t even have the second e-mail address).

I feel like my brain is completely fried and my back and shoulders and neck are starting to petrify. I am going to be stuck in one spot hyperventilating soon. It’s so strange to feel this overwhelming chaos  inside and not really have anything to do with it, or for it. Wow!!!! Looney Tunes!

Crazy People (134 pics)

Everyone says this part of the wait is hardest, it’s true!! I shouldn’t have underestimated the adoption crazy!!  It feels like I am stuck in the same spot but spinning in circles, I feel like crying and laughing, kicking something and dancing, doing nothing and going non stop, it’s like my body and mind are never on the same page and all parts are off kilter. If you could, would you or if you would, could you  please pray for my sanity and patience : )  and for the sanity of other families waiting. Also for Little H, pray that she won’t have to be loved from a distance for too much longer.   Thank you!!!!

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