Finding your waiting child

 It makes my heart so happy that last night I received an e-mail from a woman wanting to look into the adoption of a waiting child and asking about and so I thought I’d throw out this post. Kim, you rock and I hope this helps!! Again though, here is my disclaimer, I am just passing along what I do know, I don’t know much so here goes. is really a stellar site for adoption, any kind of adoption information. There are new laws, programs, featured countries and families, parenting advice, financing resources, places to find out agency info and requirements. It’s also the best place to start when considering adopting an international waiting child. The “waiting child” is the “harder to place” child. Sometimes a waiting child has a developmental or physical disability or a medical condition, sometimes the waiting child is part of a sibling group, or sometimes the child is just older. These sweet kiddos are waiting for the right family and a little medical insurance to come along, scoop them up and give them some lovin’.

You can choose the disabilities you would be comfortable with when creating your profile (seriously everyone should have one). Some disabilities are as minor as cleft lip or birth marks and some are pretty major like heart conditions or CP. There are also some conditions that will just require a surgery and then BAM healthy.

You can choose the country or ethnicity of the child you’d like to adopt as well.

If you have a completed homestudy, you can then inquire about a child and if they have not been matched and you meet all the requirements then the process moves right along.  You don’t have to wait for a referral because yours is staring back at your from your computer screen already. Woot woot!

If your HS is complete or almost complete for a Congolese adoption then you should know this, there are healthy Congo wee ones just waiting for you.        look at those faces!!! Just look!

If your little is waiting for you in the US foster care system then is the website for you. It’s just as good a website as rainbowkids but it’s specific to foster care adoption. The child waiting in foster care is waiting for the same reasons as the child waiting in an orphanage in China. Sib group, older, disability or condition.

When thinking about these medical conditions or disabilities I have found and heard that it’s best to research them before yay ing or nay ing them. You never know what you’d be open to unless you have all the facts. Some things you thought would be too scary or overwhelming for your family may be treatable or manageable.

Keep in mind that no matter what agency you are currently working with you can still be matched with any child listed. Of course you need a completed HS and need to meet any agency, state, family or country requirements.  Don’t let those little things keep you from asking about a child that peeks your interest.

Bless you for considering the adoption of a waiting child.

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