Standing still

Well my dossier has been in DRC for more than 2 months and no word on anything!! The only update I’ve gotten has been from badgering and whining. I found out they were working on her birth cert on the 27th of August and since then, silence. UGH UGH UGH UGH, HUFF, PUFF, STOMP, STOMP!!!!!! I am so so jealous of all the families that get to know things about their child like birthday, temperament, height, weight, ect. You guys are so lucky!!!!!! I am praying hard today for the orphanage director, that she might feel some urgency about getting these kids home. I read all the time on other blogs about people losing their children before they can get them home. An orphanage is a horrible place for a child but an orphanage in DRC is basically the bottom of that horrid barrel. I cannot stand the idea of any child being there for any amount of time. Please pray with me!!!!! Thanks and have a wacky Wednesday!!!

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