I don’t know Little H’s size yet and most likely will not before I actually meet her so I planned to not go crazy on the clothes until she got home. We also haven’t passed court so I didn’t want to do too much to her room until after that. Smart, right?

Photo: Then I nested a little more Photo: Nana helped to motivatePhoto: Then nana helped trash my office before she left : )

 So then how is this possible? In addition to these things I have 3 bins of clothes that are the next couple of sizes up. I have car seats, a stroller (I know she’s 4 but she’s also going to be sick and little for a while and we walk at 6am to daycare, even in the winter) a closet full of toys, a bunch of books, a bin of summer clothes, outside toys, a bike, board games, some hair and bath stuff and art supplies.

Clearly I have done it, gone completely overboard way too soon but I don’t care, I looooooooooooove this.

It’s crazy but with all this stuff I haven’t spent much money at all on getting ready for her to come home. I had a bunch of new and second-hand items already in case of foster care placement or adoption placement , people have given her so much, garages sales, 50% off toy sales, I have been collecting books for years because I am in a book club and get books wicked cheap. Things have just piled up and come together!!!! So excellent!  

It’s exciting to know that I only have a couple more items to buy, only have to paint the trim in her room, get a curtain and then I’ll be so ready to get this kid home.

Also a dear friend, Heidi, has offered to donate 20% of her visalus profits to helping H home!!!! Awesome, so if you’re interested in Body By Vi and want her info let me know and then you just have to  tell her I referred you. Thank you

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