Just a day, just an ordinary day

Today is just another day, great things are happening, good things will happen and craptastic things have happened. Nothing to complain about but nothing to write home about either, just feels like blah blah blah and waiting carried over from weeks of blah blah blah and waiting.

My dossier has been in DRC since July with no word. I cannot take it much longer. Waiting for judgement has added a great deal of  insanity to my life and given me a constant frosting craving. I usually reserve frosting (rainbow chip) for the big, heavy, tough stuff that hurts. Breakups, when I quit smoking I ate it out of the can with a rubber scraper. I used it after all 3 of my ectopic pregnancies and when I turned 30, after having to part with 30 pair of shoes when moving to Boston cuz the rents refused to keep them under the stairs in their basement anymore. and I used it when I didn’t get an internship in Ireland that I really wanted. I have been craving it for 2 months now and have been so good, it’s ONLY waiting, clearly not a good enough reason for the frosting fix, right? Well I couldn’t take it, I had to have some so I broke down yesterday but I couldn’t find any rainbow chip so I got a box of donuts, ate the frosting off of ALL of them, threw the donuts out and felt sick all day.




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