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Tuesday I got an e-mail from my agency and they NEVER e-mail so I got excited!! It wasn’t the e-mail I’d been hoping for though. It just said that H had been moved to another orphanage run by the same “sister”.

This info was upsetting to me because she has had a few life shattering moves in the past couple of months and another one seems so unfair. It’s not like she was in some far off region and needed to be moved to Kinshasa, she was just moved across town. It seems like trauma where trauma doesn’t need to be created. I keep praying like mad that she is alright, adjusting and feeling well.

After a couple of annoying and pestering e-mails from me all chalked full of questions and rantings I finally received one that made me feel a tiny bit better. The new orphanage is located closer to the in country staff and to the lawyer so my agency thinks that this will make the process move along more quickly. This week is week 13 since my dossier was signed for at the lawyers office. Fingers crossed and prayers sent, please keep H in your prayers and have a Funday Sunday.

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