So today I have been on this crazy train for a full 32 years. Yikes!! Luckily I don’t have wrinkles or age spots yet, I have had no hip or knee injury, I have had no high blood pressure or cholesterol issues,  and though there have been some crazy bad times, there have been even more crazy good times.

I feel super blessed everyday to have such a wonderful group of friends and honestly the most spectacular family. I have a wonderful job and despite my poop gripes and my issues with parents not paying or bringing snow pants, I looooooooove what I do. I have everything I need, except H.

I got a picture of her the other day, I am in awe. I stare at the new picture constantly. The 1 picture I had before was from when she first came into care and was sick with malaria. She didn’t look well. She looked like her beautiful self but sad, so sad it was almost unbearable. I stared at it don’t get me wrong but I CANNOT STOP staring at the new one. She looks so much healthier, she was wearing a dress (backwards with the tag sticking up) and her hair and skin looked better. My heart is so happy and so relieved that I think I stare at it so much just to make sure it’s really her.

I am not the type to get excited about my own birthday, in my early and mid (alright maybe even late) 20’s it was a great excuse to have a huge party and get crazy but now I am not so into that. This year though, I am excited. I am excited about the promise that 32 holds for me. I am (God willing) going to be a mother. I have been waiting for  this for 9 years and worked really hard at it for 3, There are other things that are different and exciting as well but being a mama is the only thing that really matters to me now. Yeah, 32 totally has the potential to kick butt.

Also there is cake, and lasagna and lots of hugs and love. Totally blessed. Have a great weekend.

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