Last year for Christmas my fabulous mom gave my sisters and I a gratitude journal. In it she put some amazing quotes and also some entries from her journal that either were about us or something that related to our lives. It was beautiful because she made the actual book cover from barn wood, made the binding and made the paper. It was beautiful because she filled it with her heart, which if you don’t know my mom, is amazing. I was really into writing in the journal at first but as time has gone by I haven’t. Today I was thinking about how good grateful feels. I love how much joy I get from putting my gratitude into words.

Then I was reading on fb or in blogs that others were thinking the same thing and taking the gratitude challenge. Expressing gratitude each day of November in honor of Thanksgiving and sharing those blessings. So I am jumping on the wagon, I will post something that I am grateful for each day on this blog and in my gratitude journal, so I won’t forget. I also hope this helps to remind you of your blessings as other people have reminded me.

So in no particular order…

1.  My Hector


Pretty much a steal for $75 out of some lady’s car at a truck stop. He is a good boy. He comes to work with me everyday and lets those kiddos sit on him, take his bone, pull his tail, run after him, poke his eyes and bang on his crate with no complaint. He takes dishes out of my sink, tips over garbage cans, drinks out of the toilet, brings my shoes and his leash to my bed, pulls my patio table off my deck, and occasionally brings me a prize mouse or bunny he’s brutally murdered. He is also very protective of me. I knew it was love when he was about 7 wks old and his little legs couldn’t finish our walk home so without thinking about it I picked him up and put him inside my coach bag. My Hector.

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