Thankful-Day 3

I am thankful for play-doh.

Rewind, P...

There are 4 little girls at daycare today and they have been fighting since 8am. We went for a walk, played and ate at McDonald’s, we have played 2 board games and we’re going swimming after lunch but they are at each other like crazy. About 40 minutes ago I gave them the play doh and all the accessories and I have heard nothing but giggles and sweetness since. It’s crazy how often I forget the magic of play doh.

Oh, and in case you’ve been thinking that yeah it’s awesome but so messy, when you’re done playing let the littles blow bubbles (yes in the house) right over the mess for a few minutes and it’ll wipe right up. Super easy clean up.

Hope your day is filled with many blessings and all kinds of goodness.


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