I have been to very few restaurants since i decided to get all DRC adoption on life this past January. I made a lot of changes to how I lived and as most of you know, they were ALL hard. I still struggle. So like 3 out of the 5 times I”ve gone out this year I’ve gone to Chinese, yum. 3 different places and months apart but I got the same fortune cookie each time.The first time I threw it out, clearly, but kept it n my mind because it seemed to fit my life at that time. Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can. Then right before getting H’s referral I was having such a hard time, whining and crying about it being hard and acting like a baby! I went out to sulk with a friend and I got it again. I saved it that time!!!! Obviously I wasn’t doing a good job remembering on my own. Then a couple of weeks ago before I got another pic of H i was having an unstable couple of weeks because nothing was happening and I was tired of working 100 hours a week and having no days off. I got the same fortune AGAIN. I wish I would have kept the first one but I have the second two and I love them. They remind me that this is what I’m suppose to do right now.

Make all I can, save all I can and give all I can. Perfect.

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