Thankful-Day 7

7-I am thankful to be from MN. I am so very thankful that my vote counts, I am thankful that I have the right to marry any man I want, I am thankful that if I were in an accident he could make decisions for me and our kids, I am thankful that all we can have a family medical plan, I am thankful that my God taught me how to love my neighbor as myself, to treat others as I’d like them to treat me, He’s shown me that my judgement of others doesn’t matter, He is the only judge, I am thankful that my bible tells me that my God is all creating, all-knowing, all forgiving and all loving, I am thankful that my Government has written down in the Declaration of Independence that we are all created equal and because of this we’re given the same unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amazing isn’t it. How lucky am I? How lucky are you? I was worried that the ever progressive state would pull out another random voting embarrassment but we pulled through, civil rights won. So on this, the 7th day of November 2012, I am thankful that those friends and family I love and that you love are just a little bit closer to having the same rights as you and I.

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