Thankful-Days 10 & 11

10- I am so thankful for my job. I love my job. I worry about loosing it all the time. I cannot imagine doing anything else. As much as I crab about disrespectful parents, chasing people down for money, poop pants, paperwork, and the long loooong hours, I love it. I get to do it how (almost how) and where I like. I couldn’t ever have childcare in my home so it’s amazing that I don’t have to. Props to those incredible providers that do and remain sane. I also love that my daycare parents spread the word and I’ve been full for a few years now. I am so appreciative and grateful. I would love to change a few things and I’m always looking for ways to make it better because it always could be but it’s good. It is also crazy spectacular that when H finally does get here, I get to bring her to work with me every day and I won’t have to worry about childcare.

11- I am thankful for all of the awesome people I’ve met through adoption. It’s crazy that I have only known some of you through e-mails and blogs and a couple through phone calls but I care very deeply about you and your family and your journey. I”ve learned so much! The biggest and most comforting thing being that I’m not alone. Even in my crazy I’m not alone. Someone else out there has done lost their mind adoption style and the next guy will too.

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