Congo now

Once again there is trouble in DRC, it seems like the suffering is endless for the people there. Most of you know this already but, the people of DRC have suffered  almost constant chaos over the years. Their health and safety aren’t looked after, there is always the threat of crime, violence, corruption, starvation, death from illness, or displacement.

Last week, Tuesday, M23 rebel soldiers invaded the city of Goma, right on the DRC/Rwanda border. They took over the city while UN troops and the Congolese army retreated and the nearly 1 million residents of Goma either hid, fled or cheered in the streets. The M23 rebels are a result of mutiny. The members were a part of the Congolese army up until this past April. In April these soldiers didn’t have much in the way of equipment or sophistication, they were a hot mess. However, 6 months later, they marched into Goma fully uniformed and armed. They say they are working on their own, Rwanda and Uganda deny funding this thing but it seems unlikely that in just 6 months the group could grow so large and acquire an endless supply of bullets on their own. ( I am emotionally eating an entire bag of pumpkin kisses while writing this)

The M23 initially said that what they were after was a sit down with Joseph Kabila (Congo pres) and they were denied. M23’s are now making their way to DRC’s capital city, Kinshasa. They say they are ready to take down Kabila.

While on their way to Kinshasa the M23 rebels are growing in number, they have added civilians, Congolese policmen, Congolese troops and recruited (forced) more child solders. Also on their way to Kinshasa they are leaving behind a blazing trail of distruction. They have destoyed villages and towns, ruined clean water supplies, chased poeple away from their homes and shops, blown things and people up, there have been reports of abducted women and children.

There is so much ugly history in DRC, they have never been free, they have never had peace, they have never had an honest government, they have never had the chance to enjoy the riches of their country. Not only has DRC had some terrible government corruption, other countries have come in and exploited the people and resources since King Leopold the II thought he owned the place (I just ate some chicken).  Here is a good place to start when looking for info on the crisis in the Congo. You can also read this or this.

I will post some things you can do to help later tonight. (maybe I have a cookie I can eat instead of freaking out) Thanks for reading and in the meantime please pray for the people of Congo!!!!

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