How to help

Please take just a minute to do something to help! You could sign  this petition to ask for US intervention when needed and this one to demand that Rwanda stop funding rebel troops and missions such as this into Congo. You could call or e-mail your MN State Senators here . If you’re not local, call or e-mail your Senator. They’ll listen. Call the President 202-456-1111, call Ambassador Rice to demand protection for the innocent people of Congo 212-415-4062, you can also tweet her @ambassadorrice. and e-mail at, call the State Department 202-647-4000 press 4. press 8.
Look, even if you’re not brokenhearted for the orphan, even if your life isn’t wrecked in some new frustrating beautiful crazy way because you decided to start living it for God, even if you’re not really down with Africa or Congo, even if you have never thought about it before in your life. Please think about this. What if that were you? What if the only thing that were different about you was where you were born? What if the only way you had to ask for help was through others?  What if your parents lived there or your sister, your cousin or your brother, what if your child lived there? Crazy right? Hard to imagine? Mine does. She lives there. She lives in Knshasa, and that’s where they are headed.

Please help, thank you!

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