Do it now

I am a simplistic decorator, I like art on the walls but in a very organized way. I have some decorative items but not many and they are big pieces like poetry or handmade wood things. I don’t like a lot of clutter around. Clean surfaces and no collectables or figurines ( I actually do have a very large shot glass collection from al the places I’ve traveled but it’s out of view). I like organized closets, bins and drawers for certain objects, I like shoe organization, I like paper organization, I like to feel in control of my environment so I feel more control over my head. This being said, I am not organized. I start out that way but how convenient that I suffer from  “being overwhelmed easily and completely giving up” disorder. Once the clutter spreads further than a pile or two it’s so hard for me to rein in the nightmare. My brain begins to go into chaos mode and to protect itself it just starts to over look things and pretend the mess isn’t there. I just sit there in the middle of it and stare blankly until something else distracts me.

Because I need more busy brain and body work to keep me from my all-consuming and almost explosive panick regarding the current situation in Congo, I am giving myself some homework.

In the book I am reading, The Happiness Project, the author talks about the idea of “do it now” to help her with this exact problem. It’s one of those things I already know, it obviously makes perfect sense but then the sense gets all twisted up by “if i did that, I’d never stop doing” or “I don’t have time for that”. Totally legit thoughts but she says to do anything that can be done in under a minute. Oh right, clearly for it to be successful there would need to be a qualifier, some sort of concrete measure. Why didn’t I think of that? I have started to “do it now” this past week and it’s going fabulously. I used the stapler in the kitchen and instead of sticking it into the junk drawer or on top of the microwave to “save time” I put it back in my desk. It took me 9 seconds. Then I ran out of toilet paper so instead of just leaving it for later, I opened the cabinet, reached in, put the new roll on and that took 11 seconds. I brought a load of laundry up to my room and instead of just putting it on my bed and heading out, I took 1.5 minutes and put it away right then. My jacket, which usually gets tossed on the back of a chair in my dining room made it onto a hanger in the coat closet in less than 20 seconds. This is magical.  Less wasted time, less clutter!!!!! These things make my heart and my head so so happy. The perfect 1st assignment for this stressed out lady with no control over this really big deal in her life.

The best part is that it’s not something you can fail at. Now is not 2 minutes ago or in 5 minutes so any time you decide to do it now, well do it now and you’re a smashing success.


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