Friday December 21, 2012

I fell on my face in the street this morning. This sort of thing happens all the time when you are born without balance or grace and are somehow prone to daily  embarrassment : ) My friend Rachel said to me once after a softball disaster “I would be so embarrassed to be you” we both laughed at the way it sounded but she just ment that she didn’t know how I wasn’t more embarrassed all the time. I just explained that these things were expected at this point and really just a part of the charm : p I blame this adventure in exiting cars on the awkwardness of kindness.  

Today’s act of kindness was to take a cab the 6 blocks to work that I usually walk and tip big. I had the door open before even paying her because I expected weirdness (by me) once I gave her the bill and I wanted to escape immediately. Hector was going crazy, he was sitting on me with his 68lb bum and I couldn’t get out until I pushed him out the door. The driver was uttering a string on oh my gosh, wow, really, thank you so much and I was finally able to get out. I said Merry Christmas and then instantly ended up on my face in the road most likely a combination of ice, foot placement and Hector mayhem. The door was still open and she was still talking. I scrambled to get up said have a nice day and thanks so much and finally got to shut the door and walk away. Oy!!!!!!

Big holiday weekend, hope the world doesn’t end today because I’m feeling excited about having Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off. I already have my big plans to do nothing all worked out. Usually on days off I have to shop or clean for work, it’s never reThis upcoming 3 day weekend will be a differant story though. I don’t plan to come to this place even one time after Saturday at 4p until Wed at 5 30a even if the pipes are exploding and the walls are falling down. I will be at home and spending time with wonderful people.

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