Bummed Christmas Kindness : )

Nothing new adoption wise to report.

Christmas was awesome, a little sad at times. As thankful as I was for the family time and as fun as it was, it was hard to be there. My mind and my heart, almost all of my thoughts were in Africa  with a certain little princess. I was trying to imagine what she was doing and who she was with, I was bummed about how little she has and how much longer I’ll have to wait to hold her. Ugh, she could have been here by now, she could have celebrated this Christmas surrounded by people who love her and she could have woken up in her own bed and eaten until her belly was full, danced to Christmas music and learned about Jesus, she could have opened a present and seen Christmas lights. Hopefully we pass court soon!!!!! Tired of waiting. 5 months to pass court is waaaaaaay to long.

The kindness advent was awesome, wanted to share a couple of my favorite things with you but my pics won’t show. They will upload but are not visible on the actual blog also I cannot embed you tube videos anymore. Bumming hard right now because I have recently found an awesome vid that my sweet kiddo is in. So anyway, I’ll just tell you quickly about the favorite kindness and re-upload the pics later when word press doesn’t have me so annoyed.

We (the daycare kids and I) delivered cookies to the library, the kids were super excited! We use the library all the time and know the staff. The kids brought them to the counter wordlessly and very slowly. I watched from the hallway. They hugged all the kids and were really fun about all of it.  The littles want to do this everyday.

Leaving things for the mail carriers was awesome. At my house I left a gift card on Christmas Eve and the mailman knocked on my window and waved and yelled thank you. At daycare we left some treats for our mail lady, she is superb, always bringing treats for Hector and chatting the daycare kids up. She didn’t notice the package at first so the kids were yelling and screaming to her to come back for it.

In the past we have adopted a child from the salvation army but last year we adopted 3 seniors from the nursing home close to daycare and the kids loved it. They got really into it so we tried this year as well. They don’t do it that way anymore but we were able to buy a few random things for the staff to pass out. These daycare kids of mine loooooooove to shop for “sad grandma’s and grandpa’s with no families”.

I donated two bikes to a benefit for a woman younger than me who is battling ovarian cancer. She is a fighter and is almost done with her chemo. I hope the money made is a huge help to her.

I sent some words of encouragement to a person in need of some. My mom’s friend is a stellar woman who has been and continues to be faced with challenges. She celebrate the good she has and somehow doesn’t let the rest get to her. She also is involved with different causes and is constantly giving back. Awesome!!!!

So those were my favorites. The advent didn’t turn out as I’d planned, I didn’t get to do 1 thing each day because sometimes I worked for 3 days with no way to take all the kids into the community and then some mornings I would do 6 things. It worked for me though. and I am so excited to do the Sandy Hook kindness tribute next.

Have a great morning and get your kindness on.

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