So, yesterday I finally got H’s DOB. This really isn’t a big thang most of the time because most people get it sooner than 235 days after referral but I didn’t. We’ve been waiting for this since May and especially since July when my dossier was in country. Without it nothing else legal can happen. So…finally we are court ready. Also her birthday is May 25, 2008 which means no revisions for me, pain in the rear paperwork crisis averted. Now if she doesn’t pass court by this time next month then back to changing paperwork just in case.

From staring at her picture and knowing that most adopted kids (institutionalized care not foster) are older than their official DOB I think she is closer to 6 than 5. There are ways to take care of the birth cert once she’s home. There have been some stories of people accepting a referral for a 2-year-old and they end up being close to 5, a little nutrition, some dentist visits and a bone scan and SURPRISE your toddler is a kindergartener but I think H’s age is pretty close to reality. I have decided who cares, just as long as she gets here I don’t care if I find out she’s 10.

Hopefully this means I will be able to report that I officially have a child sometime in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed, prayers sent, good vibes released, positive affirmations chanted.

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