Another something beautiful

Photo: This handsome devil is my new Ethiopian buddy. Children's Hope Chest is looking for about 15 more sponsors. $34 a month provides access to medical services and evaluations, also the child's education, a birthday party and Christmas gift. You can also send care packages with volunteers every once in a while and regular letters. Let me know if you want the link or just head over to the web site and sign up : ) Sure wish I knew how to center pictures.

Look at this sweet boy from Ethiopia. Kids like him need to be sponsored all over the world. There are kids waiting for food, clothing, health care, an education. These kids live with their parents in extreme poverty in places with no public assistance programs and no public education. In a place like Ethiopia or Congo or Haiti to provide all these things for a child usually doesn’t cost a sponsor much. This handsome devil is my sponsor child with  Children’s Hope Chest. There are so many organizations waiting for people like you to give a few dollars a month (a trip to the movies, a night out, a new bag or pedi) so a child can have a chance at life.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did. It was quiet and full of relaxation and quiet nights with friends, lots of laughing and crying. My poor Hector is so bored though. It’s been cold so I haven’t walked him at all this weekend and now we’re at work until Wed. He looks like a sad pitiful mess. Hopefully he’ll get to be out playing again soon.

Stay warm


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