Just Friday


I took this off my friend’s fb page because it’s my favorite answer to the “why not take care of our own” question. Human’s are our own, a child is a child is a child. It is also the best answer to many other questions AND it’s a good reminder to those people who need to be reminded (me included) that we’re all in this together.

I got in my e-mail on Wed a new and lovely picture of my sweet Harper. I want to talk about that soon but for now I’d like to touch on something pretty deep and meaningful and full of awesomeness. Today, because clearly I am not busy and a complete waster of time. I googled myself, haven’t done that since college, and then I google imaged myself and BOOM me AND my boyfriend Blake Shelton pop up. I love how google just gets me.

Search Results

Clearly I got rid of the riff raff and just left us up there.

Have a great weekend whether your boyfriend is real or pretend. 

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