What comes next?

People have been asking, what next even more now that we passed court, what next? So here it is… On Feb 25 the 30 day wait period will be up on our CONA, this means that no one has appealed the adoption and H will legally be my daughter as far as the DRC is concerned. The rest of the process after that is US immigration stuff. First I’ll file the I-600 and an approval will mean that immigration declares her an immediate relative of mine. There will be the investigation into orphan status and an embassy interview. I have actually heard it both ways since the new step in the process came into play. First will be the interview then the investigation, or the other way around. Honestly I am not sure and I haven’t asked my agency yet. Might sound terrible but I just figure when it’s done I’ll get the visa. If/when these steps are successfully completed a visa will be issued. After the visa is ready I can go get her. So I am looking at anywhere from 3-8 more months of waiting. I REALLY REALLY hope and pray that little girl gets to come home for the best parts of summer. Her birthday is the end of May so that is my BOLD dream.

I am going to get some info about H tomorrow. I can hardly contain myself. Some things have been threatening to ruin my joy however I am NOT letting that happen. Not letting it happen. I have waited forever for one tiny little detail, any detail. Does she smile, does she chatter or is she a shy girl? How tall is she? What do her teeth look like? What is conversation like with her? Like I said, any detail will do. Perfection!

So I am able to send a care package with a group of volunteers to the boy I sponsor through Children’s Hope Chest in Ethiopia. So awesome but now I must go and try to shove into a quart size ziplock bag. Quart size people!!! Good gravy I should have reminded myself how small a quart size bag was before getting things for him. I usually only operate in gallon or sandwich.

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