What’s in a blog?

Yet again there is trouble in adoption paradise…I know…I thought that too!!! Probably with more cuss words than you just did. This great internet, the one we benefit so much from, we love, we learn, we shop, we network, we gain so many amazing opportunities from, is being abused. I just learned how to use this thing. I just fell in love with you tube, I just connected with DRC in a way that will help me to help the children left behind. Real ways to make a difference have become available to me throughout the past year. I just got comfortable with the idea of this blog and Facebook. Why must we use our powers for evil? Everyone should get a periodic cyber background check.  

The word on the net is that there is a man wandering around cyber space taking pictures and videos from their blog and Facebook homes and using them to stir up an adoption ethics ruckus. He is claiming families are buying or stealing their Congo babes. Clearly corruption is real, it is something the embassy has been working harder to prevent, it is  something agencies are trying to do a better job of looking out for. To go around and publicly question the legitimacy of an adoption, without any facts? To be creepin’ on pages and blogs and stealing things that don’t belong to you? To tarnish a family or agency’s name without cause? What a mess! Talk about unethical! This is heartbreaking because 1) there is no possible way for this man to have all the facts about all the Congolese adoptions, lawyers and agencies so therefore cannot conclude anything 2) this could cause more delays and/or a shut down of Congolese adoptions in the future 3) more Congolese people hating on American adoptive parents could make travel more dangerous 4) it takes time and attention from actual corruption. ALL of these things lead to more dying babies, more kids sentenced to a life of poverty, sickness, war, rape, or countless other horrors our privileged minds cannot even fathom.

Just as in the past I will not share identifying information about my H or show pictures on this blog until all things are final. I will not talk about my agency or in country staff except for in private. I will continue to call her by a different letter or name instead of the first letter of her actual name or her actual name. So to my real live homies, just a reminder to please keep any info or any pictures I share with you off of the http://www. Thanks

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY                                                                                 REAL LIFE FRIENDS AND FAMILY                                                                                 AND OF COURSE CYBER PEEPS!!!

Now on to a lovely Valentine’s Day, one of the little’s mom brought me some beautiful flowers today, we had a teddy bear pizza picnic, we are all wearing pink and red and hugging our friends like crazy. We all made cards for our family, my card was for H, for the book of love letters I’ve been writing her. For the first time ever,  I got to sign something, Love, Mommy.

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