A little beauty

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I have. Nothing spectacular happened, nothing even out of the ordinary but this weekend I saw so many acts of kindness and goodness and love. I got to witness all kinds of beautiful all weekend long. Things as simple as spending time with my family and seeing it in every look, every sarcastic comment, tender smile, big sloppy kiss or irritated sigh. I saw it in a friend so excited and overwhelmed about the beginnings of her family’s adoption journey. I saw it in the way my pregnant friends talked about their new additions despite less than perfect timing or being exhausted while already having 3 at home or while trying to figure out a potential move across the country and feeling stressed to the max. I saw it in the way a friend kissed his new partner at IKEA (and if you watch 30 rock you know like I do that couples get divorced at IKEA). I saw it in the way 1,000 people gathered in the 17 degree weather to wait their turn to plunge into the 29 degree lake to support special olympics in our area. I saw it in the way my dear friend rallied his co workers to collect a few thousand dollars for the plunge and let me put him in a tutu for the big event to celebrate. I saw it in the way the check out lady let my 8-year-old autistic nephew take his time with all his dollars and change to pay for his own batman toy.

Sorry to totally nerd and mush out on you guys but I feel a little nerdy and mushy today. It can sometimes seem like there is so much more ugly in this world than there really is so when you get the amazing chance to see some awesome, it’s worthy of reporting.

Have a beautiful Monday! Oh, only 1 week until the 30 day wait is up and the certificate of non appeal will be issued. I will take a deep breath. There will officially be one more woman gone mommy and one more orphan gone beloved daughter in this world.

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