A 5k, a great read and 5 more days until something BIG to celebrate.

The 5k

Photo: I think I found my first 5 k race :-)

I signed up for a 5k. I know to most this may seem like an ant hill, 5k, not even 4 miles, no biggie. For me this is a marathon. I hate running, even when I was super in shape I hated running. I like to run playing softball or capture the flag, I liked running during trench or basketball but running to run. OY! I’ve only ever experienced speed while running away from dogs, the police or criminals and robbers, or during waterfront emergency drills as a camp nurse. Oh, I also will run fast from 8-year-old children who are trying to throw any kind of raw meat or baking ingredients on me. I have tried to turn myself into a runner for health’s sake but it doesn’t work well. So I am taking another approach, I signed myself up for the Run or Dye (most often called the color run)  in MSP without being in running condition. A friend posted it on her fb and I had always wanted to do a color run so now I have a reason to quit eating the tops off of donuts. Yay running!

The great read

This book is such an inspiration as is Katie Davis. If you are adopting or thinking about mission work or just getting down and dirty for Jesus, read this book. This book was/is a fabulous challenge for me. I felt inspired, empowered, moved, overjoyed, overwhelmed, horrified and grateful. Love books like that.

5 more days until something BIG to celebrate

Tomorrow when I wake up there will be 4 days left until the 30 day wait for the certificate of non appeal is up. That means…just like that (hahahahaha) H is an orphan no more. After I have the court documents I can file my I-600 and get the immigration party started. Another step closer to hugging on that sweet girl. Big reason to celebrate.


Have a really stellar rest of your hump day.

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