Crocs for Congo

 Help me do something  awesome this month!!

Help me put some shoes on some  Congo kiddo feet!!!

I am hoping to fill some suitcases with shoes to bring to the children left behind at Harper’s orphanage.

I hope I have more than a couple of suitcases, I hope there are so many crocs that I have to ship some and ask other traveling families to take them to other orphanages.

Funny that such a basic thing like a pair of shoes can help a child stay so much healthier. Not wearing shoes allows parasites like hook worm   or other creepy crawlers that live in the dirt to burrow   (nasty)  into a  foot and cause some serious illness for these children.  Also more scrapes and more cuts lead to more infection. Bottom line is that worms, cuts, scrapes, infections and pain can all be prevented with shoes!!!!!!

Please ask your church, sports groups, girls night out ladies, friends, family, book club, office to get involved. We can make a big difference in some precious lives by doing something so small. Kids will be feeling so much better and little bodies won’t be so worn out.

I will be taking any color, any size new crocs. I will also use any money donated on this blog in March for crocs as well in case non locals would rather do it that way. I will give you my address when you e mail me to let me know you’re ready to send some croc love to Congo. Thanks so much!!!!!!

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