That’s right people!!! Guess who’s coming today with my legal documents needed ( like her birth cert and legal stuff that says I’m her MOMMY, pretty boring : ) to file my I-600 (permission to classify her as my immediate relative in US standards, also pretty lamesauce ). I have only been waiting since forever!!  AMAZING!

Of course this doesn’t come without it’s own set of troubles, the package is being delivered to my house before 3p. Clearly I am not at my house on a Thursday with hours notice before 3p. I don’t know how this will work but I have a plan. : ) And I’d like to believe it is a solid plan without room for failure. I need these papers like I need air. I am open to volunteers sitting on my deck and signing for them as well????? fed ex letter

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2 Responses to Movement

  1. Amy says:

    Hope you were able to get those very important papers today. One step closer! Yay!

    • agodden1 says:

      Hi Amy, yes, Mr. Fed Ex called me and we worked it out. I have the papers and now will file tomorrow, Monday, hope everything is going well for you!!!

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