To Harper with love,

Just an update on the I-600, it was mailed a few days after I received my court documents simply because I was so sick and couldn’t leave my house, no joke. care package 1I sent it on April 9th, USCIS signed for it April 10th and I got this little jewel of a text message on April 12th saying that my case was received. Yay! So much goodness! To make matters more stellar, another family that filed theirs just a week and a half before me has already received approval. This doesn’t mean mine will be super fast (some families I know of have waiting 11 weeks) but it gives me some hope that things are picking up and people will start to hear good news faster.

I get to send a care package to Harper!  This makes my heart so stinkin’ happy I can’t stand it. I am so excited for her to open something that belongs to her. I don’t even have to be there or see it, just knowing it’s going to happen is seriously so good for my tired, weary self. Just guessing (a very educated guess) that this will be the very first thing that she has ever gotten that is just for her. She rarely gets food for her belly let alone anything else. All you mammas out there, can you imagine? Your almost 5-year-old never with a stitch of clothing, a brush, a toy, never a gift for her birthday or Christmas, not even a pair of undies to her name, does something to your insides.

I cannot send much and I cannot send anything with value or it will be taken and sold. So I am sending her a book I made with pictures of me, our house, her room, Hector, the city and one of me holding her picture. photo book That’s right, it’s laminated : ) (that makes the preschool teacher in me very happy).

I am sending shoes, of course, some underpants, a sucker, stickers, an outfit, and some chapstick.

paperwork I600care package 2


 The most important and awesome thing about this is that for a few moments, even if everything gets taken from her, she will get to feel special. She will know that somebody loves her.

Happy Friday to you!

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