Oh Thursday I got my I-600 approval.

I am still in shock, and in awe, and stunned and I have never cried like that about mail. I scared my sweet Hector with my shrieks and sobs and dance moves : ) It is a remarkable feeling to be honestly and pleasantly surprised!!!

USCIS received my I-600 on the 10th of April and approved it the 26th. That is fast, so fast that I didn’t even know to hope and pray for my approval yet. I had planned to call Friday to see that the application was there and being processed and clearly I didn’t have to.

I sure do wish I was under the old process, then I’d be weeks away from meeting my daughter but now I have no idea and likely will not have any idea until like a week or two prior to being able to go.

Though I don’t know when I am going I am packing like I’m leaving tomorrow : ) Could be months but packing is like therapy, so good for my soul. This brings me to my next point, I am still collecting vitamins and crocs so send some over if you have 5 bucks to spare and do something awesome for someone who doesn’t have any awesome in their lives. Thanks so much

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3 Responses to I-600 APPROVED

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations! I hope the remaining time goes as quickly for you. Sending prayers your way. I can’t imagine how amazing that feeling is. The only thing better will be when your daughter is finally in your arms.

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