Happy Birthday!!!!

5th birthday 1

May 25th was H’s birthday. I have already been watching her grow up in pictures for a year. So crazy!!!!! Sad day but the good news is that this is her last birthday with no celebration. Her last birthday without balloons and a cake, a party with friends and family telling her how awesome and loved she is. I celebrated for her by eating frosting out of the tub.

5th birthday 2

5 years of missed firsts, sad but there will be so many firsts that I’ll get to be there for. I am most looking forward to her first birthday and her first Christmas, well and every holiday and camping and her first roller coaster, first warm bath, the list goes on and on.

I got pictures the other day from a Congo mama who was traveling to pick up her beautiful baby girl. She went to the O with my favorite Congolese doc and brought food and cooked for the kids a couple of times. After seeing these latest pictures I am even more convinced she is the most perfect little girl I have ever laid eyes on. She was smiling and eating and I couldn’t get enough. I will get some more soon from Dr. L because she went to visit and take food again the other day. Love!!!!!!!

Still hoping and praying like mad these investigations hurry up, I want my girl home.

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