Heaven sent

A wonderful woman has come into my life and more importantly into Harper’s. She is a Congolese doctor who is an adsolute blessing to the Congo adoption community. She has fostered and she visits our littles in the orphanages and keeps up with their health. She weighs them, gives them a check up, takes pictures, gets meds to them if they need it, communicates with APs about their child. Man she is GOOD. Recently she has also been willing to bring and cook food at Harper’s orphanage because the kids there don’t eat and anything left there will be sold by the director.  Yes seriously, no food. See what I mean? Good! Heaven sent really! She takes pictures while she is there and hugs and kisses them.

Yesterday she actually showed Harper my picture. It was the first time she ever saw me and afterword I got the best email from her that said…

Hey my friend, H had seen your photo a long time and she smiled. She is happy to see her mom, I think she love you.

Oh. My. Goodness. Be still my heart. I cannot believe how much joy I feel over the simple fact that she has finally seen a picture of her mommy. Love this news! It’s still making my day more than 24 hours later : )

Happy Very Sunny Warm Tuesday


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